Creedence Clearwater Revival / Hey Tonight

Creedence Clearwater Revival / Hey Tonight (1970).

This music makes you want to ride, tapping along on the tank, singing loud under the helmet. The lyrics have no meaning, who cares? Just a good old sound, the prospect of a long party night after hours spent riding on a sunny day.

With Creedence Clearwater Revival, rhythm comes before the story, even before the melody, and forces the body and mind to enjoy the moment.

The singer, John Fogerty, evoked a part of the creative process for the single Up Around The Bend, on the album Cosmo’s Factory released in 1970 (for “I was out on my motorcycle riding around Berkeley, probably going around a corner. It had this sense of urgency. So when I got home, I went up to that room and married the urgency of going somewhere to that riff. And I made a whole song out of, ‘We don’t know where we’re going, but we’re on our way.’ Y’know, the way all kids feel – just immortal”.

The illustration on the cover of Hey Tonight – Have You ever Seen The Rain perfectly reflects this state of mind, the pleasure of the moment first. A feeling that goes straight to the heart of the biker.