Road Rash

Illegal street racing and memorable overtakes: chains and  bars thumped on the competitor’s helmet. A legendary bike videogame: Road Rash on Genesis and PS.

I have not played it much: Road Rash was released in 1991 on Sega Genesis, and back then it was more games or bike, rarely both together. But the memory remains alive, probably revived when reviewing the Rossi/Marquez clash at Sepang 2015. It’s probably the pleasure to erase a way too annoying competitor with a kick in the fairing, coupled with the satisfaction of a passionate, nevertheless proper win. For those who do not know it, no need to dive back into the highly pixelated debut of the series: just one stop on the fourth installment, Road Rash 3D on Playstation. A 90s jewel, with an unforgettable introduction video (music by Soundgarden).




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