Motorcycle is not enclosed in a fishbowl, it is an object that moves along, a passion that inspires others. And those who practice it are like this: individuals, unique, multiple, different also.

As in between two rooms, where surfaces meet and communicate through the cracks, through sound and atmosphere. The walls, which at first looked like barriers, are only thin membranes that allow the flow of speech and ideas.

Here’s what we’re interested in, the border area. Where reunions coincide with travel, and freedom, as well as with fights, struggles and rebellions. The place of trades and mergers, at the crossroads of cultures.

Around motorcycles, we’ll assemble Arts and Styles, shapes and symbols, rock’n’roll, cinema and literature.

To expand the territory of the motorcycle culture, to develop a new mythology, in the protective shadow of the Motorcycle Boy from Rumble Fish.




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