Birdy Nam Nam / Defiant Order

Stunt and Cross, that’s Defiant Order, French made Electro from Birdy Nam Nam in 2011. Video by Nicolas Davenel.

The video was shot around Paris, in the snowy countryside bordering the French capital. Director Nicolas Davenel:

“For me the title Defiant Order, had something to do with the idea of a clan, a transgressive community. This music video is an homage to the bikers who grow up in suburbs, away from the traditional Hell’s Angels type of motorcycle club. People who live for free rides and motorcycle stunts, doing wheelies at high speed on freeways, burning tyres in industrial zones and parking lots. The idea was to reinterpret those codes, the wheeling – emblematic of this discipline – and turn it into an aesthetic. The motorcycle stunts are becoming choreographic, almost like a dance, creating unexpected poetry.”

David Knight, 2013



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